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Redesign Reservation

Lead Product Designer

As part of the product scrum team, I was the lead designer for the reservation tunnel redesign project. We took deep dives into user research, sprints, and design thinking processes to discover, validate and learn to improve our booking process as MVP release.

After almost two years, our hard work had paid off with a result of double digit uplift conversion for the MVP.

Design Process

Design thinking is our fundamental methodology for the redesign project. By listening to our users and analyizing the data/feedback, we discovered opportunites and iterated our designs to solve the right problems.

Simplified the process

We improved the reservation flow to follow users thought process. Reservation typically starts from choosing a room, then a rate, and complete on guest info and payment screen.

New flow offers Quick Book feature that enables members to skip a screen and complete the entire process sooner.

Research based design

Partnering with the research team, qualitative and quantitative research were conducted to validate our Hypotheses and solutions. We also conducted on-site interviews to gather more feedback. Below are a few highlights of design rationale.

It’s on point

Previous research had shown guests love to use Points to pay for a stay. However, guests might not want to use points for every stay or empty Point balance to pay for a stay.

With that knowledge, our new slider is as simple as ever. The default slider value is set to 0 to give control back to our users.

As part of MVP release, the point slider is on payment screen when user is ready to complete booking. Users now also have the control to turn on Points at any time to understand the affordability of a stay.

Room card with a slider to adjust points

Fully responsive

Compare to previous adaptive experience, the new booking tunnel is fully responsive so it is easier to maintain and works naturally across all screen sizes.

MVP release

Just like any art, work‘s never done. There‚Äôs always room for new learnings (failings) and incremental improvements. I look forward to see next versions from other designers in the works.

more than one room booking payment screen with slider booking with flexible dates responsive mobile screens
Example components that made up of the user interface for booking screen